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The 13 Biggest Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Arizona Injury Case

Alexis and Mark Breyer have written a book that details the 13 Biggest Mistakes that people commonly make when handling their injury claim. This book gives Arizona residents critical information about insurance adjusters and how they process claims. Injury victims will learn the secrets of the insurance companies and answers to pressing questions held by all injury victims.

Over 130+ pages of vital information you need to know when you have been injured by the negligence of another individual - Don't Get Hurt Twice!

This book discusses:

  • What forms you should never sign
  • Whether or not you should give a recorded statement
  • What conversations you should never have with an insurance adjuster
  • What action you must take immediately after an accident
  • Learn how to know the value of your claim
  • The 13 biggest mistakes that can destroy your claim in Arizona
  • Statute of limitations in Arizona Beware of losing your claim entirely!
  • What legal requirements you must know about Arizona injury claims
  • The legal process for personal injury claims
  • What every injury victim needs to know about juries
  • Learn how to tell if you need an attorney for your case - Not all cases require attorneys!
  • The 10 questions you must ask before hiring any injury lawyer
  • And much more...

In this book, Arizona personal injury attorneys Alexis and Mark Breyer explain the mistakes that Arizona injury victims (caused by car accidents, motorcycle accidents, Trucking accidents, slip and falls, burns, construction accidents and dog bites) make when dealing with insurance companies.

This book provides insightful tips about how the system works, the false assumptions most people have about the legal system, the traps for the unwary making insurance claims, the legal system, injury case pitfalls, and helpful steps in finding the right personal injury attorney for a given case.

"For the unexperienced there are many land mines that can derail the successful handling of a personal injury claim. The 'Master Guide' by Alexis and Mark Breyer is an indispensable guide that will help its readers avoid those land mines."

- Attorney Michael Sherman

"Finally, there is a comprehensive guide for injury victims."

- Attorney Erica Jackson

ORDER YOUR CAR ACCIDENT/INJURY GUIDE TODAY! A $15.95 value, it is provided free of charge to Arizona residents.

This book is not intended as legal advice. The book is for informational purposes only. The book is meant to educate the public but is not to be considered legal advice on your case. If you have specific questions on your accident or injury claim, you should speak to a qualified attorney in Arizona or the state that the claim occurred or where you live. The authors, Alexis and Mark Breyer, are licensed practicing attorneys in Arizona in good standing. Mark Breyer is a certified specialist by the State Bar of Arizona in injury and wrongful death law.

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